Product: 7 Watt LED light bulb

Model number:DL-12R

Base:E26 (standard lightbulb socket size)

Unit size: 63 x 117mm

Material:cold forged aluminum (better heat management)

Power:7W (approx. equivalent of 40w incandescent bulb)

Certification of LED driver:CE  UL  CCC

Input voltage:100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Output voltage:30V

Output current:380mA

Chip type:samsung smd 5630


Color rendering index:>80Ra


Beam angle:150°

Luminous flux:>600 LM

Luminous efficiency:>83Lm/W

Environment temperature:-20℃~40℃

Certification:  CE  UL  CCC  EN  BS  SAA  other

Lifespan:   30,000 hours

Quality guarantee: 1 Year

7 Watt, 600 Lumen LED Light Bulb - Non Dimmable.
Replaces 40 watt incandescent light bulb.

Our LED light bulbs do not contain any mercury or hazardous gases and emit no UV radiation.
* Each CFL bulb (commonly known as spirals) contain from .5 to 3.5 mg of mercury. This is something not everyone is aware of.   So every time one of those bulbs is thrown out with the trash that mercury ends up in our landfills.

For every existing 40 watt incandescent light bulb you replace with one of our 7 watt LED light bulbs you will cut the cost of lighting that area by approximately 80%. Switch all the light bulbs in your house to a corresponding LED bulb of approximately the same number of lumens and you can shave off between 80 to 85% from your monthly lighting costs. LED, the future of lighting is here now. Lumens, the new way to measure light volume.

7 Watt LED Light Bulb.   

Cost per bulb non Dimmable DL-7R...$15.95
7 Watt LED Light Bulb
117 mm x 63 mm
approx. 4 5/8" x 2 1/2"
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On average LED lighting uses 1/6 th the electricity of conventional incandescent light bulbs while supplying the same amount of light, known as lumens!
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7 Watt LED Light Bulb
Select Light Colour
Our LED light bulbs come in 2 choices of light shades. Basically the same shades you are used to now. Warm (soft) and Natural light.
Warm (soft) white which emits a very soothing, soft almost goldish shade of light and;
Natural light which makes the rooms feel brighter and simulate mid day outdoor light.

The above image shows the difference between warm (soft) light on the right and natural light on the left.
7 Watt LED Light Bulb


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