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LED light bulbs are the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market today. On average a 10 watt LED light bulb gives off the same amount of light as the going obsolete 60 watt incandescent light bulb we have been using for so long as well as a 13 watt CFL bulb or spirals as many people call them. There are many avantages to LED bulbs over the other 2.
10 Watt LED Light Bulb    -    13 Watt CFL Light Bulb (spiral)   -    60 Watt Incondescent Light Bulb
Average bulb lifespan

Number of light bulbs needed.

Cost of the above light bulbs

Number of kilowatt hours of power consumed

Cost of power consumed based on 10c per kilowatt hour

Added cost for every 1c increase in cost of kilowatt hr. over the 10c used above

Total cost to operate

Effect of on/off switching

Contains any hazardous materials?

Instant on light?

Lumens per bulb
(amount of light created)

temperature and humidity effect

bulbs fit into conventional light fixtures

Numbers below based on average useage of a bulb for 3 hours a day based on 30,000 hours or 27.3 years.
30,000 hrs.







no effect





10,000 hrs.


@ $3.95 =  $11.85





shortens bulb lifespan

contains mercury .5 to 3.5 mg per bulb

slightly delayed



1200 hours


@ $1.65 =  $41.25





some effect





Naturally being more efficient also makes LED light bulbs more environment friendly. They consume less power so less power needs to be generated. Without the use of mercury that the CFL (spiral) bulbs contain there is no concern for mercury contamination from broken bulbs in our homes or landfills. LED light bulbs do not give off any ultraviolet or infrared radiation. Outlasting other light bulbs means less resources needed for the same task. And they just plain save you money!!

The above price savings may not seem like much to some but you need to factor in that is only for 1 equivalent 60 watt light bulb. How many bulbs are on at any one time in your home? What about any 100 watt bulbs you have working? We recommend replacing them with either a 12 or 15 watt LED light bulb.

LED is short for 'light emitting diodes'

Recommended replacement size LED light bulbs for existing incandescent light bulbs we have been using.

  7 watt LED -   450 lumens     to replace     40 watt incandescent light bulbs.
10 watt LED -   810 lumens     to replace     60 watt incandescent light bulbs.
12 watt LED -   950 lumens     to replace     75 to 100 watt incandescent light bulbs.
15 watt LED - 1250 lumens     to replace     85 to 100 watt incandescent light bulbs.
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On average LED lighting uses 1/6 th the electricity of conventional incandescent light bulbs while supplying the same amount of light, known as lumens!
* The 7 and 10 watt LED light bulbs are the exact same size as the standard incandescent bulbs. The 12 watt LED is the same width but approximately 3/8" ( 1 cm.) longer. The 15 watt LED light bulb is approximately 1 3/8" (3 1/2 cm.) longer and 1/2" (1.3 cm.) wider.


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