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On average LED lighting uses 1/6 th the electricity of conventional incandescent light bulbs while supplying the same amount of light, known as lumens!
Shipping rates across Canada are based on the size and weight of the order. Since individual product pricing gives us a reasonable idea of what the weights are we are able to simplify the shipping charges as follows:

Order total up to $129.99 - Shipping = $11.95
Order total from $130.00 to $199.99 - Shipping = $14.95
Order total from $200.00 to $299.99 - Shipping = $17.95
Order total from $300.00 to $399.99 - Shipping = $20.95
Orders over $400.00 - Shipping = $25.00

Orders are shipped via Canada Post unless other arrangements have been made. These shipping rates apply Canada wide.

All our pricing is in Canadian dollars.

International rates are available upon request.


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